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10 reasons (& many more) to buy a house in Montreal

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

We have made a list of 10 reasons for buying a house in Montreal.

Montreal is still one of the most affordable urban centre in Canada

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Our 10 reasons to purchase property in Montreal

· Monteal is still a very affordable place to purchase a home vs Vancouver and Toronto

· There is no excise tax for foreign investors as in other provinces

· Montreal has an exceptional Transit system ( STM / Metro )

· Because of Poutine.

· There is absolutely no crime

· Our schools and Medicare system is almost free compared to the United States

· Montreal cuisine is second to non.

· Great Ethnicity, all different types of cultures

· Montreal Architecture, from old Montreal to a beautiful Mountain

· Great Festivals, Jazz Fest, Osheaga, Just for laughs and so many more

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